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Regional Queensland / Ergon

5 to 19 Employees

Recently started my first business I am worried about the expected cost of electricity. Ergon told me they want a $7000 security bond!! for a small first time business 56sqmeters that is a lot of cash I am going to need, they also claim my expected bills based on the previous tenant will be over $300 a week!!! seems like the little guys get poor while big companies get richer!!!!

Accommodation / Tourism Business

Regional Queensland / Ergon

5 to 19 Employees

We operated hotel in North Queensland with 24 motel style rooms on the 1st floor. We originally purchased the property in 2006 as an investment, however rising costs for the tenant, and then Yasi meant that we had to take it over ourselves. The power bills were $12,000/month, a serious problem for the tenant. We spent close to $300,000 installing 34 new a/c units , 3 refrigeration units, 39 efficient TV sets, all-new wiring, power boards and more efficient systems. We replaced over 100 lights and fittings to accommodate LEDs, LED Fluorescent lights, and low wattage systems. We cut power down to $4000/ month, we had 12 staff. Over the next 2 years the power bills increased to over $6000 per month. We cut staff. If we had coal-fired generators we could cut power costs and employ more staff. People in SEQ do not understand that employing 3 more people in a country hotel is a big deal. Currently there are 8 staff and the owners work 14 hours a day. Where is the long term profit in that?

Entertainment Business

Regional Queensland / Ergon

1 to 4 Employees

We are only a very small business in a niche market. We use a lot of electricity due to us having to heat our reptiles. I believe if there was competition in the market than prices would be competitive. Another way regional Australia gets cheated. People in Brisbane whinge about costs they have choices, we don't.

"Advocating on behalf of peak industry and social organisations for affordable and reliable electricity in Queensland"


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