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"Advocating on behalf of peak industry and social organisations for affordable and reliable electricity in Queensland"

Is this power crisis solvable?YES but ...

it does require the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to agree to a number of solutions relating to all three components of a power bill :

  • Generation (25% of a power bill)
  • Poles and wires network (50%)
  • Retail (25%)

To understand why we need COAG agreed solutions please click on the link below

lt shows how each state government is dependent on each other for reliable and affordable electricity.

CLICK HERE : to watch the live feed of the National Electricity Market in action.

Business Electricity Survey completed!

A big thank you to all those businesses who helped us achieve this great result.

We will be posting the survey reports in the coming weeks so please make sure to check back...

The Queensland Electricity Users Network would like to thank all the businesses - nearly 800 - that have so far participated in the Regional Queensland Business Electricity Survey.

All surveys received up to mid October from the council areas of Mareeba, Southern Downs, Whitsundays and Mt Isa will provide the basis for a report to be publicly released in November.

A wide range of businesses responded to the survey enabling us to estimate how rising electricity prices are impacting on various industries and communities in regional Queensland.

A copy of the survey report will be provided to:

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for input into the ACCC's Inquiry into Electricity Supply and Pricing due to provide a final report to the Federal Treasurer next year.
  • Australian Energy Market Operator (the federal entity responsible for ensuring there is enough electricity supply in the National Electricity Market to meet electricity demand).
  • Australian Energy Market Commission (the federal entity responsible for the National Electricity Rules that govern the National Electricity Market).

The business survey remains open on the QEUN website as we consider how to continue to provide evidence based advocacy.

The survey has been carried out with the support of Energy Consumers Australia.

About Us

The Queensland Electricity Users Network is a network of regional Queensland electricity users including local government, Chambers of Commerce, economic development organisations, retirees, tourism operators, irrigation farmers, dairy farmers, the mining industry and urban developers.

The aim of the QEUN is to advocate for affordable and reliable electricity for business and residential customers in Queensland.

Source: QEUN (Queensland Electricity Users Network)

Finkel Report

What is the Finkel Report?

The Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) Energy Council commissioned an independent review of the National Electricity Market after the state-wide blackout of South Australia on 28 September 2016.

The aim of the review is to provide advice to COAG on a coordinated national blueprint that would provide Australia with reliable, secure and affordable electricity.

The 5 member panel of the Finkel Review is chaired by Dr Alan Finkel, the Chief Scientist of Australia. COAG did not appoint an energy consumer/customer member to the Finkel Review panel.

The Queensland Electricity Users Network provided a detailed submission and participated in a teleconference with the Finkel Review panel. The Finkel Review received 392 submissions.

The Finkel Report was presented to COAG Leaders on 9 June 2017.

What happens now that the Finkel Report has been delivered to COAG?

The 50 recommendations in the Finkel Report can be accepted or rejected by individual members of COAG.

The members of COAG are the Prime Minister, state and territory Premiers and the President of the Australian Local Government Association.

The Federal Government announced on 20 June 2017 that it will accept 49 of the 50 recommendations. The recommendation regarding the Clean Energy Target will be further considered by the Federal Government and more analysis undertaken.

Responses from other members of COAG are yet to be clarified.

For further information on the Finkel Report and to view the QEUN’s recommendations to the Finkel Review please click on the following links:

Daintree Survey Report

Business Electricity Survey Report

"Advocating on behalf of peak industry and social organisations for affordable and reliable electricity in Queensland"


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